Tips for Choosing a Great Spinal Surgeon

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January 30, 2017
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Things To Consider When Picking A Spinal Surgeon

Having spinal surgery can improve your mobility and help regain your quality of life. Having the right surgeon perform the procedure can be the difference between a new life of freedom and one of debilitating pain.

Making your decision on who will be performing the surgery can be difficult. You should start with a list of surgeons who meet the following base requirements. This will give you an initial list that you can start to wean down later.


Whether you will be choosing an orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon, one major requirement is that they’re certified. This means they’ve gone through the required hands-on training and experience necessary to be fully knowledgeable at spinal surgery. You can verify if a surgeon is certified with a quick online search at the American Board of Spinal Surgery.

Member Of A Spinal Association

Opting for a surgeon that is a participating member of a spinal association will ensure they have the necessary experience in treating spinal conditions and are actively involved in bettering their practice. Many of these associations hold their members to much higher standards than just regular surgeons alone.

Popular spinal associations include the North American Spine Society, the International Society for the Advancement of Spinal Surgery, American Board of Spine Surgery, and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons.

Choose A Spinal Specialist

While both orthopedic and neurosurgeons can perform surgery on the spine, you want to find a surgeon who works exclusively with spinal cases. A surgeon that is devoted just to spinal problems will have many benefits over surgeons who perform procedures on multiple areas of the body.

A spinal case devoted surgeon will have much more experience performing the necessary spinal procedures. They will be more up-to-date on current techniques and new surgical solutions. When you have surgery on your body you want to choose someone who performs spinal surgery on a regular basis.

Once you have your list of surgeons that satisfy all three of these requirements listed above it’s time to start evaluating them. If your list is long you may want to get recommendations from your other doctors or health sites online. The goal is to narrow your list down to about a handful of surgeons.

Some of these sites include,, and They will allow you to see the rating from thousands of patients who underwent surgery. While your sole decision shouldn’t be based on online reviews, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what other people are saying.

Schedule an interview with them

It’s important that you opt for a spinal surgeon that makes you feel comfortable. This means they are able to answer all of your questions, provide necessary knowledge on the surgery itself, and clearly give you the benefits and risks of the procedure. Don’t settle for a surgeon that doesn’t make you comfortable and rushes through the interview.

Choosing the right spinal surgeon who has experience treating your condition and a caring touch is imperative to the overall success of your surgery. If you are actively looking for a spinal surgeon in the state of New York, we highly recommend giving Jeffrey M. Epstein a call to schedule a consultation to start your new journey towards relief.