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Find relief with minimally invasive spinal surgery under the care of a skilled neurosurgeon

pain-management-surgeryIf you are experiencing pain or other neurological issues due to a spinal problem, Dr. Jeffrey M. Epstein is your go-to specialist for minimally invasive spinal surgery (MIS) or pain management injections.

MIS is safer and less painful than open lumbar surgery because it involves significantly less disruption to your healthy muscle tissue. When you opt for MIS, your recovery period will be much shorter than if you were to undergo traditional open lumbar surgery.

Arrange for an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Epstein to determine if you may be a candidate for minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Entrust your care to a highly experienced surgeonback-pain

Are you unsure of the origin of your pain or other neurologic symptoms? The first step in seeking treatment is getting a diagnosis of your condition.

Dr. Epstein specializes in spinal cord stimulation and revision and has extensive training in the diagnosis of a full scope of nervous system conditions.

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In addition to minimally invasive spinal surgery, Dr. Epstein can also provide you with neurosurgical solutions to conditions including: