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Dr. Epstein is certified in neurosurgery and pain management

qualified-neurosurgeonAs a certified neurosurgeon and pain management specialist, Dr. Epstein underwent a rigorous testing and peer evaluation process in order to demonstrate his exceptional competency in the field of neurosurgery.

When you have Dr. Epstein as your neurosurgeon, you can rest assured that you are in the qualified hands of a physician who has been deemed an expert in his field by even his peers.

Experience that speaks for itself

medical-lectureThe best way that a physician perfects his craft is through experience. A 1979 medical school graduate, Dr. Epstein has been practicing neurosurgery for many decades. He frequently shares his knowledge as a lecturer and proctor, both nationally and internationally, for spinal cord stimulation.

Enjoy the reassurance that your neurosurgical procedure is being performed by an expert physician who has successfully performed the same procedure hundreds of times.

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